Have you taken the time to consider what the consequences of a freak accident that would leave you unable to make your own decisions?
This could be anything from a stroke to a fall or even a car accident.
The harsh reality is that so many of us are unprepared for such an eventuality or unprepared to even give it thought…

Under a Lasting Power of Attorney you choose the people you trust to make decisions about your personal and financial welfare. This would include allowing your chosen attorneys to make decisions on your behalf if you where to lose mental capacity.

Without such documents your family would have to seek assistance from the Court of Protection (CoP). This would incur greater costs and stress at an already difficult time. The time it takes to provide financial support may be increased. It might also be the case that the CoP appoints a professional attorney or deputy.

Either way, it would surely be less hassle to create a document sooner rather than later.

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