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Professional Will writers in North Somerset, Bristol, York and Swindon

Preparing a Will is a thoughtful and meaningful process that lets you continue caring for your family and friends even after you’re gone. So rather than spend hours filling in forms, most people prefer to discuss their Will with a real person.

Our home visits let you relax in your own space and talk things over with a friendly human being. By making you as comfortable as possible, it becomes easier for us to understand what truly matters to you and identify your best options. And since you’ll always deal with the same person, the advice and guidance you receive will always match your priorities.

There’s no doubt that Will writing is a serious subject. But by providing an informal and relaxed service tailored to your needs, we give you peace of mind while taking care of sensitive issues. This lets you properly plan for the long-term happiness and wellbeing of your loved ones.

Nicola Richardson, founder of Richardson’s Wills

Before setting up Richardson’s Wills in 2013, Nicola worked in a local post office. But when she gave birth to four (admittedly wonderful) quadruplets, her life became a little too hectic for a traditional 9-5!

She decided to retrain with the Society of Will Writers, which gave her the opportunity to support the people in her area while taking care of her family. Nicola also became an affiliate of the Society of Trusts and Estate Planners (STEP) to broaden her services and ensure outstanding quality.

Originally, Nicola only operated in Nailsea, North Somerset and the surrounding areas. But as she saw her considerate and personal approach melt away the worry and anxiety and her clients, she realised it was time to branch out.

Now, Richardson’s Wills also has offices in York and Swindon, where Denise Crispin-Bailey and Brian Phillips continue Nicola’s dedication to compassionate Will writing. Their close-knit team also includes Liz Crew (Nicola’s office administrator and chief of admin) and Zena Catterall (who manages accounts and marketing).

Together, Nicola and her group help families across the UK ensure the greatest possible care for their loved ones even after death. With their family-friendly, ethical and respectful approach, they provide total confidence and comfort in a simple, convenient package.

What you can expect from Richardson's Wills

The main principle behind Richardson’s Wills is simple: treat people as they wish to be treated. This is doubly important when it comes to difficult subjects such as death.

When you start working with Richardson’s Wills, you’ll meet with the same person every time. Our team even oversees most document signings in person, so you have constant support from a familiar face. We don’t ask for money upfront, we never push additional options that you don’t want and we only send a single invoice once you’re completely satisfied.

To ensure you receive the best possible advice and support, we work closely with a network of trusted financial advisors and probate solicitors. Richardson’s Wills is also a qualified and indemnified member of the Society of Will Writers. That means you receive a thorough, knowledgeable and warm-hearted service at all times.

Our main office is based in Nailsea, but we regularly visit clients’ homes within our coverage areas. We also offer Will writing and other legal services nationwide via video conferencing such as Zoom, Skype, Teams or WhatsApp.

Related services

As well as Will writing, Richardson’s Wills offers a range of related services to support you and your loved ones before and after your death. These include:

  • Setting up trusts – Protect the future wellbeing of your loved ones by passing on your assets efficiently. 

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