Setting up Trusts

If you want to reduce your liability for inheritance tax and ensure the people you want to inherit your estate receive the things they’re entitled to, setting up a trust is a shrewd decision.

“Dealing with these types of formalities is always easier and less formal at home, and you were able to answer our questions with ease and confidence.”

Jane & Philip Grant (Cadbury Heath)

Flexible Life Interest Trust

For many people, their home is their biggest asset and the one they most want to protect. Including a Flexible Life Interest Trust in your will can help to protect valuable assets such as property, protecting your home until it can be passed on to the rightful heir.

This type of trust is an attractive option for those who need flexibility – it offers protection to the survivor you shared your home with, as well as to your children and your beneficiaries.

Discretionary Trusts

Other kinds of trust, such as Discretionary Trusts, can run for up to 125 years. This allows for money to skip generations, helping to avoid inheritance tax liability.

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