Probate and Estate Administration

What is probate and estate administration?

Estate administration isn’t as simple as handing over a person’s money and possessions after they die. You might need to work out the value of their estate, confirm who has the authority to administer it, and settle debts and taxes. This process is called probate.

As probate comes at a time of grief, many find it difficult to handle the complex paperwork and calculations themselves. But Richardson’s Wills brings you comfort and relief with free probate advice and flexible estate administration services. We tailor our service to your family’s situation and needs to ensure you receive the right level of support.

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Rebecca Taylor (Easton)

How does probate/estate administration work?

  1. The deceased person’s assets (money, property, possessions) and liabilities (debts) are calculated to determine the value of their estate. Based on their Will (if they left one) and the law, inheritors and the assets they’re entitled to are also verified.
  2. Inheritance Tax is paid and an application to the Probate Registry is submitted.
  3. The deceased person’s assets are used to pay for liabilities, final estate administration and any remaining taxes.
  4. Accounts are prepared to show what’s left of the estate, which are sent to the executor or appointed representative for approval.
  5. The remaining assets are administered to the appropriate beneficiaries.

How long does probate take?

Probate takes an average of 12 months to complete. While you can probably manage simple estate administration yourself, probate assistance is recommended for large estates or complicated Wills.

Richardson’s Wills makes probate simple

From applying for the grant of probate to administering the complete estate, Richardson’s Wills supports you in any aspect of probate. We also offer free advice with no obligation to help you determine your best course of action.

All our work is carried out for an agreed fixed price. There are no hourly rates or hidden costs to worry about, and we don’t ask you to pay upfront. That means you get seamless estate administration services for a stress-free probate process. 

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