Preparing for your Funeral

Discussing funeral preparations can feel a bit morbid, but if you want to reduce additional stress and financial strain on loved ones, it makes good sense to plan ahead and pay for your funeral in advance.

Making your wishes known

By making a funeral plan, you’ll relieve your family of the financial worries that funeral arrangements are often accompanied by. In addition, you can ensure that your family know exactly the type of funeral you would like to be held in your memory, providing those who love you with a well-planned and appropriate way to commemorate your life.

The service is thorough and quick without fuss and nothing seems to be too much trouble.”

Wendy Mappin (Nailsea)

This is particularly important if you have specific views on how you’d like your funeral to be. deciding to be buried or cremated, having a religious or non-religious ceremony, choosing the music you’d like to be played and other decisions will all affect the style and tone of the ceremony.

Covering the cost

The funeral industry is not immune to inflation, and prices continue to rise. By paying for your funeral in advance, you can meet the costs of funeral directors up front, saving you money in the long run. Plans can be purchased in advance through a once-only payment or via monthly installments, giving you flexibility over how you pay.

At Richardson’s Wills we firmly believe that everyone has the right to a respectful funeral. For advice and guidance on preparing for your funeral, get in touch and talk to one of our experts.