It is always very sad to visit someone during the last days of their life. Some people are resolute and calm to face the end of their lives, others are scared and really don’t want to go. I met a gentleman last week who is determined to die in his own home. He is in pain, being nursed by his daughter but he is surrounded by the memories of his life. Photos of his late wife, his children and grandchildren surround the room. He is too weak to get dressed and I take his Will instructions sat next to him in the living room, with him in his dressing gown.

The gentleman wants to talk me through the photos and relays stories from his life. I am happy to listen. His daughter seems a bit anxious that I may be charging an hourly rate and this chat may be adding to my bill, it’s not. I enjoy listening to his tales of mischief and love. It’s the best bit of my job, no two people are the same and the lives people have led are fascinating.

The overriding desire this gentleman has, is that his children are all treated equally and that there won’t be any falling out, after he is gone. His wishes are very fair to all concerned, there is no room for misinterpretation. Gifts are left to each child with care and thought. The main asset is the home we sit in. Here he has lived for the past fifty years, raising his family. The garden is beautiful, a work of art, crafted with love. He is proud that his children will benefit from his hard work. They will just miss him.

The act of making a Will, will make it easier to administer his estate but more than that, the care and thought he has given to his Will, clearly demonstrates his love for his family. Due to the circumstances, the work was completed to the client’s satisfaction, within two days.