I hope you all enjoyed the glorious Bank holiday Weekend. What a change to enjoy sunshine rather than the normal rain that seems to dominate the bank holidays generally. It just goes to show that we never really know what is around the corner. We very sadly lost a dear friend on Friday he had only been unwell for a short time and spent just a week in hospital before quietly slipping away. His poor wife now faces the daunting prospect of probate and generally winding up his affairs.

It is at times like this when immense sadness surrounds people we care about that it’s good to be able to offer a helping hand. Richardson’s Wills has recently become an approved representative of Kings Court Trust who specialise in estate administration. The service they offer is unique in the field of probate. They take on the role of executor through a power of attorney and deal with every aspect of winding up a person’s affairs, from changing insurance policies to applying for a grant of probate, they can even take over the sale of property if needed. The relief this brings to a bereaved person is enormous and allows them to grieve without the stress of trying to deal with all that is involved in administering an estate.

I recommended a client who had very sadly lost her husband in November. Kings Court Trust gave a fixed fee at the time of taking on the instruction. She has been very pleased with the service provided and at a time when she most needed help and someone to take the worry of paperwork away, Kings Court Trust were there to pick up the reigns and take control. Now over six months down the line, it is needed to make a Deed of Variation to the Will. This is also covered within the fixed fee. There will be no nasty surprises when the process is finally over. She has known right from the onset what the fee will be and if more work is needed than first thought then the fixed fee still stands. She has access to her case worker whenever she has a question or just wants to see how things are progressing.

At the worst time in your life, you don’t have to struggle with admin, just let the professionals take over but don’t stumble in blindly and end up with a huge bill and half of the work still there for you to do, use the services of King’s Court Trust.