Ylenia Angeli, 73, was arrested after trying to remove her mother, 97, from east Yorkshire care home. Ylenia wanted to take her mother home with her rather than leave her in a care home during another period of uncertainty.

She told the care home that she was going to remove her mother and left. The home called the police, and Ylenia was arrested.

This situation arose because Ylenia only had Lasting Power of Attorney for property and finance. Ylenia didn’t realize that she had absolutely no authority over her mother’s care once she had lost mental capacity. If she had known she would have completed the health and welfare document as well.

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(as reported in the Guardian on the 5th November 2020)

The health and welfare Lasting Power of Attorney is there to protect our best interests, at a time in our life when we are most vulnerable. Sadly, it has been overlooked in the past and its value not fully understood.

People who completed the old Enduring Power of Attorney often do not realise that it only covers property and financial affairs and has no bearing on decisions relating to your health and welfare.

Please don’t let this happen to you. We all need to have these documents in place.

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