I have had a very diverse week, I have met with a father wanting his son, who has Downs Syndrome to make Lasting Power of Attorney, completed work on Wills for a young couple with their first child and taken instructions from an elderly Indian couple, with many children wanting to make Wills.

With the first case we have had to enlist the help of the doctor. She has known the young man with Downs Syndrome for most of his adult life and was able to confirm that he understood the purpose and function of the Lasting Power of Attorney. His Father is 83 and recently widowed and whilst worried about what will happen to his son, when he is no longer around, has not considered himself. I have prepared Lasting Power of Attorney for him as well as his son, just in case he should require them. We have also discussed his Will, which he has not yet made and didn’t feel he would need. His main concern is making sure that his son is cared for once he is not around to do so.  He didn’t realise he would need to make a Will to ensure this happens.

The young couple have been able to name Guardians and leave gifts to their church and members of their family. I will update their Will for them as more children arrive and the Wills, will be stored free of charge and entered onto the Certainty Will register.

The Indian couple will require the services of a translator to ensure their complete understanding of the Wills drafted for them and confirmation that they meet their wishes. The translator will then act as one of the Witnesses. They have worked hard and built up a sizable estate which will be gifted as per their tradition.

It is this diversity that makes my working life very interesting. I never know who I am going to meet when I attend an appointment or what their story will be. I enjoy the challenges that they throw up and working out the best solution.

If you have a complicated family and you are not sure of the best way forward, get in touch today.