We appreciate that this is a very difficult time both emotionally but also financially. So we have taken the decision to offer our service at a reduced rate during this time of uncertainty.

The process is simple and straightforward. Call or email to arrange a suitable time to discuss your requirements.

The main things to consider when completing your Will are as follows:

  1. Do you want to make a Will just for yourself or with a partner?
  2. Who do you trust 100% to act as your executors/trustees?
  3. Who would you want to replace your chosen executors if they were to predecease you?
  4. If you have children under 18 years of age who would you want to be their guardian? and who would replace them if they predeceased you?
  5. Calculate the value of your estate. Would it be liable for Inheritance Tax?
  6. Do you want to make any gifts before dealing with the bulk of your estate?
  7. If you have pets. How do you want them looked after if you die?
  8. Who do you want to benefit under your Will?
  9. If you have children, what age do you want them to inherit?
  10. Do you want to include any funeral wishes in your Will?

Take the time to gather the full names and addresses of all of the people to be involved as this will help us to